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Looking for a Personal Trainer in Los Angeles?

Priyom Haider ACE certified

Priyom Haider Fitness ChampionshipsHow often is it when you go to work out and see people spending their hard earned money on a personal training session, and their trainer is in worse shape than themselves? That is unacceptable and you don't want that happening to you. If you want a true role model and a real personal trainer, look no further.

I have a fitness title under my belt and am proud to say because of my already pre-existing vigorous fitness lifestyle, I did not need to change my diet or workout routine whatsoever to win the title. The difference between fitness models and body builders is that we don't have an "off-season", and are all natural without any performance enhancement drugs. I maintain 3.6% body fat all year round. NOW DOING SKYPE CONSULTATIONS AND OLINE TRAINING WORLD WIDE!

I am not a traditional personal trainer and my objective is NOT really to keep training you indefinitely, leaving you clueless to get your business, but rather to truly educate you in knowing what you are doing so you can take matters into your own hands. I understand the value of your hard earned money, and with my guidance and motivation you will definitely "evolve" into the fitness lifestyle and reach your goals.

Training with me will help you get:

  • Educated on where you stand and knowledge on the amount hard work ahead of you.

  • Custom routines designed strictly based on what will work for your body.

  • Help with your diet.

  • Setting realistic goals whatever they may be from losing fat to gaining muscle mass. It doesn't matter how much you weigh or what your measurements are, what counts is how happy you are with the way you look at the end of the day.

  • Intense motivation and focus

  • Feel better and confident.

  • Reach your goals and maintain your desired body.

List of celebrity clients available on request.


Rates depend on the work out and time limit needed for a session for you. In other words, I don't train by the hour only, but for the precise amount of time that's needed to get the job done for you. Therefore based on what your body needs, a session could be 45 minutes to even 2 hours.

Package deals are available.

Get in the best shape of your life naturally, and contact me NOW for details!